Inbound voice

Inbound voiceInbound Voice – Switch Communications offer an Inbound voice service designed to improve the performance of your business and offer you more flexibility in how you present you company to the outside world.

Inbound voice is a telephony service that provides geographic and non-geographic number ranges that are specified by you. Depending on the level of service you take and whether or not you choose to take a hosted or private service we can deliver various types of call routing, monitoring and management tools to ensure your business has the information it needs to make informed decisions and to support your customer service teams.

Inbound Voice – the benefits:

  • Available across any number, anywhere, from any device – available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and if taken as part of our cloud offering then manageable online
  • Our service is extremely easy to understand and program whether through our help desk or by using our online tools
  • Get started without delay. Our provisioning times are designed to ensure you have the service immediately wherever possible.

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